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Adraft Events:

Autodesk Account - The NEW Subscription Center

Subscription Center is going away and Autodesk Account taking its place. There are some changes you need to be aware of. This switch happened on March 13th.

Watch the Autodesk Account Webinar


Data Management Webinar

March 12, 2015 at 1:30PM 

Join us for the live Webinar to learn how the right Product Data Management (PDM) strategy can save time-not to mention manufacturing and tooling costs. Register now to learn how easy it is to reuse your proven, existing designs instead of starting from scratch.

Watch the Data Management Webinar


Introduction to Desktop Subscription

March 25, 2015 at 9:30AM

Desktop Subscription is the newest offering from Autodesk that gives you  flexibility in licensing.  This webinar will give an overview of Desktop Subscription as well as review Maintenance Subscription.  Adraft is trying to provide information early so that you can determine the best path for your company.  

Watch The Introduction to Desktop Subscription Webinar

Inventor Advantage Webinar

April 9, 2015 at 10:30AM

Learn about Autodesk Inventor's Advantage and watch a live demo of ‘Freeform Modeling’ and ‘Direct Model Editing'

Watch the Inventor Advantage Webinar

AutoCAD Electrical Webinar

April 9, 2015 at 1:30PM

Come to this webinar to get a general overview of AutoCAD Electrical and how you can increase productivity compared to standard AutoCAD. After the overview learn how to get started with drawing and project templates.

Watch the AutoCAD Electrical Webinar

AutoCAD Electrical Part 2 Webinar

April 30, 2015 at 1:30PM

Learn the intricacies of getting started and best practices for AutoCAD Electrical. We will look at how to create drawing templates and project templates. We will also cover the important properties that must be associated to the templates.

Register for the AutoCAD Electrical Webinar   




Past Adraft Webinar: 

Autodesk Vault:  Why Go Pro

Autodesk Vault:  See the difference the right PDM solution can make at our free event.

Let Autodesk Vault Professional software manage your data. So, you can focus on your design.

Are you spending too much time keeping track of your design data?  Autodesk® Vault Professional product data management software can help you easily track all your design data, optimize your work process, and securely share your data with the extended organization.

Integration:  Continue to work the way you already do. Just better.

Collaboration: Collaborate across multiple sites.

BOM and Change: Manage change orders and bills of material.

Control: Keep your ideas — every version — safe and secure.

See what you’re missing with Autodesk Vault Professional. Register for our free event and learn what the right PDM solution can do for your business. Attend the Adraft webinar on January 22.


To view this webinar, click here


Autodesk Simulation Webinar: Help predict product performance

Physical Prototypes are costly.  Optimizing designs and eliminating errors before manufacturing helps increase efficiency, productivity and innovation.  The Autodesk Simulation product line, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping provides a broad range of simulation tools that enable designers and engineers to bring product performance knowledge into early stages of the design cycle-helping to improve collaboration, design better and safer products save time and reduce manufacturing costs.

Come to this webinar and explore the different Simulation products and see what is right for you and your company.

To listen to this webinar, click here

Autodesk Vault Webinar: Collaboration and data management software

Autodesk Vault provides an easy-to-use work-in-progress data management integrated with the design applications you use today.


See how Autodesk Vault can help you and your company:

  • Manage Work-In-Progress
  • Organize & Reuse
  • Protect and Secure Engineering files: Autodesk CAD, Word, .jpg, .pdf, etc.

It is easy to use and easy to Administer.  Come to the webinar on December 18th and see more about Autodesk Vault

To Listen to this webinar, click here


Factory Design Suite 2014: 

Top manufacturers adapt to change faster. Discover how.

Factories need to adapt to change constantly to meet demand, reduce costs and improve the quality of products. So, how do some handle change better?


Discover the tools that top manufacturers use to improve the design and development of their production systems.


Top manufacturers:

  • Check existing sites accurately – they use laser scanning to get more accurate representation of ‘as-is’ states
  • Design more efficiently – they move between 2D and 3D modeling to represent designs better and increase workflow efficiency
  • Optimize layouts – they use digital simulation to analyze the flow through the production system and optimize equipment placement
  • Review projects more thoroughly – they create 3D models to improve collaboration with customers and make changes early in the design process
  • Look ahead – they use clash analysis to pre-empt potential issues before installation


Register for the Adraft webinar on October 9th discover one of the many ways you can improve your next factory-change project


To watch this webinar, click here


Adraft Sponsored MUG Meetings:

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Previously Recorded Webinars:

What’s new in Inventor 2014

Increase productivity with quicker assembly load times, and the new assembly

command that provides a one-step method of positioning and defining motion for

components. Inventor 2014 offers these, and many more enhancements for new and

veteran users alike!  Attend this webinar to learn more about what’s new inside Inventor 2014. 

For the recording of this webinar, please click here 



What’s new in AutoCAD 2014

Attend the AutoCAD what’s new webinar and learn about some of the features

that have been added in AutoCAD 2014. We will show you Command Line

enhancements, new security features and discuss the file format. We will also

show enhancements to the Arc command, Fillet and Chamfer command, Dimensions,

Text and Attributes.




What’s new in Vault 2014

The 2014 release focuses on providing an improved user experience through

server side and job processor enhancements as well as changes to the add-in

and client functionality to address day-to-day user pain points. Join us to see

how Autodesk Vault 2014: Improved Usability, Enhanced Performance, Increased

Stability, Provides New Extensibility


For a recording of this webinar, click here




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Keep Checking back for future Autodesk Seminars!


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