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Aras Is Different

Aras is committed to helping you bring innovative products to market quickly and supporting them through the lifecycle.

But recognize that traditional approaches to PLM are failing so we’ve taken a different approach.

Aras Is Designed To Meet Your Needs

Everything about Aras technology is designed to meet your needs. Learn more about how we can help you achieve your vision.

  • Your business is different from any other
  • Your business is changing faster than ever
  • You have urgent business needs to address
  • You have existing systems to leverage
  • You can’t wait forever

Model-Based Service-Oriented Architecture

The unique Aras Model-Based Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is designed to be:

  • Flexible to meet today's needs and adapt easily as your business evolves
  • Scalable to grow with your business
  • Easy to upgrade, even if your system is heavily customized, allowing you to benefit from enhancements in new releases

Open Architecture

Openness is critical to the long term success and sustainability of your PLM/PDM system. To enable true interoperability, portability and extensibility we provide an open architecture which features open software, an open data model, open interfaces and use of open Web standards.

Aras is an n-tier, model-based service oriented architecture (SOA) built entirely on open web standards composed of web clients, application servers(s), database(s) and file vaulting servers(s) based on standard Internet protocols including HTTP/HTTPS, XML and SOAP.

Our open approach also leverages Microsoft products: SQL Server, .NET and Windows Server.

Learn about our commitment to the ProSTEP iViP Code of PLM Openness (CPO).


Aras technology has security built-in from the ground up. In fact the Aras security, authentication and data access rights model was defined to meet the needs of our defense industry customers to satisfy ITAR and other military security compliance requirements.

On-Premise, In the Cloud, or Hybrid Deployment

And with Aras you have deployment options - in the data center, in the cloud or in a hosted SaaS environment. With Aras in the cloud you can achieve new levels of scalability, performance and collaboration. The Aras architecture partitions easily for a wide variety of deployment scenarios, giving you the flexibility to deploy in a traditional data center, onto cloud infrastructure or in a hybrid configuration.


Uniquely amongst enterprise software providers, at Aras we publish our product Roadmap and invite you to comment on it. Not only does this help you plan for future upgrades but it also gives you an opportunity to influence our direction and priorities.