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Autodesk changing Subscription model

In that email Autodesk announced its plans to move to a subscription only model in the coming months.  You can still stay on Maintenance Subscription if you would like but, as Autodesk announced, the prices for Maintenance Subscription will be increasing. In the email Autodesk also announced some new promotions starting in June 2017. 

These are some big changes and I'm sure that there are some questions that you will have.  As always, Adraft is here to answer any questions about this change and any other assistance that you need. If you would like more information about these changes, please feel free to call our office at 866-769-6163 or email your Account Manager.  

For more information about the changes please see the letter Autodesk sent to customers.  

For FAQ's about the changes

A message concerning online renewals through Autodesk:

Many of you will receive a courtesy email from Autodesk reminding you that you need to renew your Subscription to Autodesk. Within the email is the option to renew online. Please note the message below the button that informs you that renewing online "may not include benefits provided directly by your reseller".  This means when you renew through Autodesk eStore you  NO LONGER receive technical support from Adraft as part of your subscription contract. If you need or would like to purchase technical support contracts, check out our technical support contracts on this website or for more information or contact us directly: or 585-389-1900

End of Sale of Perpetual licenses:

PERPETUAL LICENSE CHANGES:  The changes Autodesk is making

For Autodesk products worldwide, Autodesk is phasing out perpetual licenses of our software. The current subscription offerings will continue to evolve with options that allow you to access multiple products and to share licenses as you do today with perpetual licensing.

For individual desktop software products, perpetual licenses will be sold through January 31, 2016.  View a list of the products affected

Perpetual licenses of the Design & Creation Suite and additional individual products, will be sold through July 31, 2016. View a list of the products affected

Moving forward there will no longer be Autodesk Suites.  Autodesk Industry Collections will be introduced August 1, 2016.  Find out more information on Autodesk Industry Collections.

**If you purchase a perpetual license up through January 31, 2016 or July 31, 2016 for the products described in the lists above, you will continue to own and have full usage rights for that license. If you are on maintenance for your perpetual license, you will receive software updates and corresponding benefits for as long as you continue to renew. You can renew your maintenance for as long as you want.

Monthly, quarterly, annual, and multi-year subscription terms lengths are currently available. Term lengths may vary by subscription access type or country.

Licensing and Subscription Changes

  1. What licensing changes are coming?
    1. January 31, 2016 was the last day to purchase a perpetual seat of individual products (ie; AutoCAD, Inventor, etc)
    2. July 31, 2016 is the last day to purchase a perpetual seat of Suite products (ie; Product Design Suites, Building Design Suite, etc)
  2. What happens to my existing network licenses on Maintenance Subscription?
    • You will continue to own your perpetual license and retain the ability to renew your Maintenance Subscription and continued to receive your Maintenance Subscription benefits.
  3. What if I need additional licenses?
    • You will have the option to purchase term-based network or standalone licenses, to add to your existing pool of licenses.
  4. What is network subscription?
    • It’s a new offering that allows you to buy term-based network licenses that include subscription benefits and are offered for a fixed-term length.
    • NoteUnlike perpetual licenses, “network subscriptions” expire at the end of a subscription contract. To ensure your end users have continued access to their software products and associated subscription benefits, you will need to renew “network subscription” contracts and update the license files for the “network subscriptions” prior to the contract expiration date.
  5. Which term lengths will be available for “network subscriptions”?
    • “Network subscriptions” will be offered with subscription term lengths of one, two, and three years.
  6. Will I be able to purchase a network activation for my existing perpetual licenses after Autodesk stops selling perpetual licenses?
    • No, you will no longer be able to convert a perpetual license to a shared network license for any perpetual licenses which will no longer be sold. If you need new or additional shared network licenses, you should consider “network subscription” as an option.


  1. Customers with an existing Maintenance Subscription contract can create a new, separate subscription contract for new subscription seats/products and align end dates of the new contract to that of existing contract.
    • This will result in two separate contracts with the same expiration date.
  2. Customers with a Subscription contract (formerly Desktop, Cloud Service, and “network” subscription) can add new subscription seats/products to existing subscription contract or create a new, separate subscription contract for new subscription seats/products and align end dates to an existing contract.
    • Co-term is available for new subscription orders only (i.e. not available for renewals).
    • Pricing for products/seats on the new co-termed subscription contract will be prorated using the existing monthly proration calculation.
    • The new subscription contract must have the same term length as the target contract (the contract to which you wish to align the end date).

Terminology Changes

  • Maintenance Subscriptions will be referred to as maintenance plans
  • Named user or standalone licenses will now be referred to as single-user seats.
  • Networked seats will be referred to as multi-user seats.
  • Global use rights will be referred to as Global travel rights

For more information about these changes, call your Account Manager at 866-769-6163.

Subscribing to Autodesk:


Switching Subscriptions

The ability to switch subscriptions provides flexibility and access to a broader portfolio of products and services as your business needs change. You must work with Adraft to determine if you can switch from your current subscription to a new one. Switching is not available for subscriptions purchased online from the Autodesk Store.

Eligible Subscriptions

Check with an Authorized Reseller or your Autodesk sales representative for a list of eligible subscriptions. In general, your current subscription must meet the following requirements for eligibility:

  • Subscription purchased from an Authorized Reseller or Autodesk sales representative
  • Subscription does not renew automatically
  • Subscription term is annual or multi-year

Terms of Switching

By switching your subscription, you are choosing to end your current subscription (forfeiting use of any software under that subscription) in order to change to a new subscription, giving you access to new software and services. You can switch all or a subset of the seats on your current subscription. After switching, your current contract, renewal date, term length, access type, support level, and billing type remain the same.

Transition from One Subscription to Another

You can continue to use your original subscription for up to 30 days while you set up your new subscription. See these resources for information about setting up your new subscription:

Switching a Subscription with Single-User Access
Switching a Subscription with Multi-User Access

Here is additional information about what happens when you switch a subscription:

  • Setup and user management: Administrators receive an email containing next steps for setting up the new subscription. The original subscription appears in Autodesk Account with the status Switched, and a guided tutorial in Autodesk Account helps you through the process. The account administrator is required to assign users to the desktop products and cloud services or update the license file for the new subscription.
  • Existing products, files, and cloud credits: You can continue to use products from your original subscription (under the terms of your new subscription) if those products are included in your new subscription. Any files created using your original subscription will continue to be available after you switch. Any purchased cloud credits and the expiration date for those cloud credits remain unchanged.
  • New products and services: If you wish to use new desktop software, or a new version of the software that is available in your new subscription, you need to download and install the new software or version.
  • Previous Versions and Home Use: Refer to the articles below for information about previous versions and home use:

Autodesk Term-Based Licensing

Subscribing to Autodesk software provides you with the most convenient, modern, and flexible way to access the software and services you need to help grow your business. You can choose the plan that best fits your current project needs and budget and you’ll benefit from access to the latest software releases, Autodesk cloud services, flexible licensing rights, and technical support.

At Adraft, we deliver our clients world-class, customized solutions coupled with cutting-edge Autodesk products. As one of Autodesk’s Silver Partners, we deliver great service, software and support. As an Autodesk Authorized Training Center, we also provide comprehensive, expert training, enabling your employees to use your customized Autodesk solution as efficiently and effectively as possible, maximizing your return on investment.


Regardless of the size of your business—small, mid-size, or enterprise—Autodesk offers the flexibility to choose the subscription options that best fit your business needs.

  • Try out new tools without making a big up-front investment
  • Better manage changing software and budget needs

3 Ways to Subscribe:

Maintenance Subscription

Maintenance Subscription is the most cost effective way to maintain and maximize your longterm investment in Autodesk software and related services.
Included are the following features and benefits:

• Access to the latest software releases so you’re always up-to-date, giving you a competitive edge.
• Flexible licensing rights so you have the tools you need where you need them.
• Select Autodesk cloud benefits to help you increase mobility, improve collaboration, and optimize designs.
• Technical support for quick resolution of issues and exclusive newsletters to help you get the most from your subscription.


Desktop Subscription

Desktop Subscriptions offers subscribers the choice of monthly, quarterly, and annual options for using Autodesk Design and Creation Suites software and select software products.You’ll benefit from the following:

• Access to the latest software releases, select Autodesk cloud services, technical support, and exclusive newsletters.
• Low cost of entry so you can manage costs without an up-front license investment or longterm commitment.
• It’s easy to scale up and down as your shortterm project and staffing needs change.
• Increased functionality with less risk


Cloud Service Subscription

Cloud Service Subscription helps you extend work from the desktop into the cloud. Included are the following features and benefits:

• Virtually infinite cloud computing power to help you run complex and resource intensive tasks without tying up your desktop—bypassing the need to invest in expensive, specialized hardware.
• The ability to collaborate with extended teams in the cloud in real time from your office or mobile device.
• Access to your project files anytime, anywhere— from web and mobile devices—and streamline workflows throughout the project lifecycle.
• Access to the latest services, flexible licensing rights, and technical support.