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Changes to the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection

Some great new things have been added to the Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection. Starting August 7th, Product Design Collection will become Product Design & Manufacturing Collection and will include new product entitlements to HSM Ultimate for integrated CAM and Nastran In-CAD for integrated simulation.  You can download them through Autodesk Accounts.  

To learn more about Autodesk HSM, click here

To learn more about Nastran In-CAD, click here

To learn more about these changes, click here


Autodesk HSM and Nastran In-CAD Changes
Standalone product subscriptions for Autodesk HSM and Nastran In-CAD will no longer be available separately, and Product Design & Manufacturing Collection will be the only way to access these products. Current subscribers to Autodesk HSM and Nastran In-CAD will be transitioned to Product Design & Manufacturing in late-September and will see their annual subscription price decrease. 

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Autodesk changing Subscription model

In that email Autodesk announced its plans to move to a subscription only model in the coming months.  You can still stay on Maintenance Subscription if you would like but, as Autodesk announced, the prices for Maintenance Subscription will be increasing. In the email Autodesk also announced some new promotions starting in June 2017. 

These are some big changes and I'm sure that there are some questions that you will have.  As always, Adraft is here to answer any questions about this change and any other assistance that you need. If you would like more information about these changes, please feel free to call our office at 866-769-6163 or email your Account Manager.  

For more information about the changes please see the letter Autodesk sent to customers.  

For FAQ's about the changes

To watch the Adraft Webinar on Subscription Changes, click here

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A message concerning online renewals through Autodesk

Many of you will receive a courtesy email from Autodesk reminding you that your subscription renewal is upcoming. Within the email is the option to renew online. Please note the message below the button that informs you that renewing online "may not include benefits provided directly by your reseller".  This means when you renew through Autodesk eStore you  NO LONGER receive technical support from Adraft as part of your subscription contract. If you need or would like to purchase technical support contracts, check out our technical support contracts on our website or for more information or contact us directly: or 585-389-1900

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Some highlighted articles:

IMPORTANT: Autodesk Maintenance Subscription renewals are changing: Why it’s important to renew on time!

Beginning February 1, 2016, all subscriptions, including Maintenance MUST be renewed “ON TIME". Customers will no longer be able to “late renew” their subscription. Customers that do not renew on time, will lose their subscription benefits, and will need to purchase a new contract (Desktop Subscription). The best path for you is to simply renew ON TIME.

This change does not impact your perpetual license to access and use your Autodesk software. However, make sure to renew on time to continue receiving the following Maintnance Subscription benefits:
• New releases of your software Product enhancements
• Previous versions of your software
• Home Use Rights
• Technical Support
• Cloud credits purchased on that contract
• Entitled cloud services
• 25GB of cloud storage

Maintenance Subscription is now aligned with Desktop Subscription and Cloud Service Subscription policies, making it easier for you to manage your subscription contracts.

Take advantage of the ability to renew as early as 90 days prior to expiration so that you don’t accidentally allow your Maintenance Subscription to lapse.*All information in this article is subject to change

The way you are going to buy software is changing, click here to learn more

For more informaton on Autodesk Accounts

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